What Happened to the Hamer Dress, and why don't I own a bum bag???

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I don't proclaim to be a writer or an academic. I can Math, I can Pattern, I can Draw, and I can Stitch pretty much anything (except flesh, I don't want to do that)
So Here Goes..
Designer/Founder/Creative Director Leah Ryan (among many other titles that could be added here), is notorious for misplacing her phone.
It all started Day 2 of shooting our latest ethical collection - ummm....what is it called?? (I actually had to check) "Escapism" Back to it. We had set up on  Main Beach, Byron Bay. Just as you walk down the path. 
  Main Beach Relax Byron Bay Made in Australia                                    
(Creative Feels) Main Beach, Byron Bay
We were just about out of morning sun, I’d been styling Rebecca Dale (model), It was all about ticking box's at this point
My Prep for a shoot is to have inspo printed for my model, I will have scoped out the location, and taken shots of where we are going to shoot along with what looks. On the day, I will take shots of what I want my darling photographer Kris Enoch (amazing husband who puts up with my ever so controlling creative ways) on my iPhone to speed things up.
(Lighting is so important)
       iPhone Photo Made In Byron Bay Linen Dress Green                  Byron Bay Main Beach Linen Dress Ethically Made Sustainable Fashion Made In Australia
   iPhone image Set Up                                   Canon 50mm
What doesn’t help is when you continually lose you iPhone. I am pretty organised when it comes to photoshoots but I really feel like having a bumbag (are they still called that) is definitely going to be my next move for our next shoot.
Ok, anyway - so I misplaced it at wategos, found it I misplace it at The Pass, Found it! But then we hit Main Beach. Oh, and not to mention I keep my phone on silent, does anyone do that anymore?
I have just set up the next photo (on my iPhone) and Kris set up all the settings on the Canon Camera ready to take the real shot, but he got a call in the mean time for his Business NR Digital. So, I figured the camera is set up to go, and he said "you’ll be right babe". So, off I go and take some shots. Yay, Me!! It was lots of fun
Byron Bay Designer Made in Australia Fashion Kristoffer Enoch Photography
This would have been a great shot of me taking shots but I don’t have a photo of me so here is a photo of Kris with my face on it. But you get the point
Anyway Kris hangs up from his call and we go back to shooting. I go to reach for my iPhone (if only I had a bum bag) from where I have no idea 
And I though - oh, I left it on the rocks under the tree!
Because why not right???? 
photoshoot main beach Byron bay made in Byron ethical Australia
Photo of tree with rocks where I thought I had logically left my phone
Umm, so it’s not there. Umm, so I must have put it in my Alice and May Basket (100% Ethically produced btw) Nope?
Rebecca, says to be me "l only saw you with it a moment ago".
Yeah, I know right? We all start to calmly look for this iPhone. Rebecca Says Hey, let’s use find my iPhone app.
Let’s not forget that I have had 3 iPhones stolen (looking back now maybe not because really I could have just lost them)
One would think I would have had it all sorted by now, due to my past experiences.
In the hope I remembered my password for the "Find my iPhone "we would all be good. And yep I did, Woohoo Winning. I already had a small victory dance remembering this.  With it being activated - I said to Kris - "OMG, it’s up near the beach hotel someone’s walking away with it". Can you please go, and before I had finished my sentence he was off to get it. Rebecca says hold on they can be a little off - let’s try sending a ping to it, and it will make a "Noise". Oh, awesome Idea..!!
(I truely am technically challenged, I am surprised I am even typing on a keyboard and not trying to upload my notepad)
 OMG it’s close looking into the scattered people on the grass at Main Beach Following the sound, looking around near the rocks finally leading the three of us to the "Alice and May Basket" 
Ethical Fashion Made in Byron Bay Australia
Alice and May Basket Above
Yep, you guessed it. It was in there, I swear someone was messing with us. We all looked in that bag twice. 
And this is why we only got 9 shots of the Hamer Dress On Location. 
But they are lovely:) 
Two Other Times
 I thought someone stole my iPhone on the way to NewZealand with my son and I took my husbands phone with me in tears on the plane, very sad. Upon arriving to New Zealand I found it in my checked in Luggage.
I also did this on the way to Melbourne
In Myanmar, a bus had to reverse up a one way street in the middle of a market because I had left my phone in the hotel - which we had to attempt to arrange with non English speaking drivers. I raced up to the room - and the phone was in my back pocket. 
I think I’m going to make a Bum Bag, yep???

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  • Great story my love,
    I’m just happy you found it in the end.

    Lots of love xxoo

    Kris on

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